5 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites in India for 2023

Affiliate marketing is one such online earning program that is doing well in today’s digital world. We are talking about online earning, but if affiliate marketing is not mentioned there, it seems incomplete. Nowadays, the scope of affiliate is very much on the rise; there is no such field that does not have affiliate options.

This affiliate works in such a way that you have to promote the product of another person or company through your affiliate links., after that you get some certain amount of commission on that particular product.

Today’s in single article, I am going to tell you India’s 5 best affiliate websites, which are 100% genuine and also a very big brand, from which you can earn lakhs of rupees per month sitting at home.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

This is a best method to earn money online by promoting other peopleโ€™s Products and services on your social media accounts and getting some Percentage of commission from that Products.

1. Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate
Source:- Amazon associates

Company Profile

Founders: Jeff Bezos

Headquarters: Hyderabad, India.

Establishment Year: 1994

Amazon Associate which we know as (Amazon Affiliate) is the largest affiliate marketing programs in the world. The Amazon Associates Program helps Millions of Bloggers, Creators to monetize their Blog, Website, Or Channel by Putting the affiliate link of products and programs available on Amazon, associates.

The way to earn money from amazon affiliate is: ( Sign up – Promote – Earn )

You can make money when someone buys something from Amazon through that affiliate link, you can earn commissions up to 10% from there.

Website Link :- https://affiliate-program.amazon.in/

2. Flipkart Affiliate

Flipkart Affiliate

Company Profile

Founders: Binny Bansal / Sachin Bansal

Headquarters: Bengaluru, India

Establishment Year:  2007

Flipkart is one of the highest affiliate marketing revenue generating e-retail store in India since long time. And this is the only company that is competing with Amazon in India.

The way to earn money from Flipkart affiliate is: ( Promote Links – Drive Traffic to Flipkart – Earn )

Flipkart Affiliate also works like Amazon Affiliate but Flipkart Affiliate gives some more percentage commission as compared to Amazon Affiliate.

Sign up here to Promote your affiliate link on social media When someone buys something from Flipkart through that your link, you will get Commissions like this, Books:- 6 to 12% , Mobiles:- Up to 5% , Computers:- Up to 6% and more…

And the good thing is that Flipkart also provides you many tools to work like, ranging from simple banners & widgets to APIs, for listing Flipkart deals / products on your own site / app.

Website Link :- https://affiliate.flipkart.com/

3. Clickbank Affiliate

ClickBank Affiliate

Company Profile

Founders: Kelly Householder

Headquarters: Boise, Idaho, United States

Establishment Year:  1998

ClickBank is a powerful e-commerce platform with a vast affiliate marketplace in all Over the world and specially in India. And this can be a best option for those people who are looking for digital products to affiliate – with IT Companies In Nepal

ClickBank has very large number of Digital Products and physical too.

The way to earn money from ClickBank affiliate is: ( Generate traffic – Choose offer – Create tracking link – Promote – Earn )

ClickBank have 200 millionย customers spread across 190 countries So, if you are thinking of joining an affiliate marketing program then ClickBank can prove to be a good option for you.

Website Link :- https://www.clickbank.com/

4. vComission Affiliate

VComission Affiliate

Company Profile

Founders: Parul Tarang Bhargava

Headquarters: New Delhi, Delhi

Establishment Year:  2008

vCommission is a leading Global Affiliate Marketing Network delivering Performance on Web & Mobile to Worldwide Advertisers through a growing network of 100K+ Publishers, with presence in India,-Happy Holi Wishes Singapore, UAE, UK & USA.

This also works like Flipkart, amazon but its affiliate can earn money online in many ways like lead generation, ecommerce, app install along with affiliate.

The way to earn money from vComission affiliate is: ( Join – Promote – Get Paid )

vCommission works on a default threshold of Rs. 5,000 in approved commissions. All Indian publishers are paid via NEFT/RTGS (Bank Transfer) only. And among other e-commerce giants., the website has partnerships with Myntra, AliExpress, Agoda, Snapdeal, and HomeShop18.

Website Link :- https://www.vcommission.com/

5. LeadsArk Affiliate

LeadsArk Affiliate Marketing

Company Profile

Founders: Ayaz Mohammed

Headquarters: Kolkata, India

Establishment Year:  2019

LeadsArk affiliate program is the one of the best growing affiliate program in India right nowadays. Leads (customer) is the most important thing to run any businesses or agencies. And i already written a fully described article on my website digitoleads you can visit for more information.

And it is very difficult to bring leads in our India, that too online, for that you need proper knowledge and education of lead generation. And LeadsArk is the only company that gives you learning of Lead generation plus Earning opportunity from affiliate marketing,

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The way to earn money from LeadsArk affiliate is: ( Join – Learn – Promote – Earn )

In this company, first of all, you will be taught Process of doing affiliate, lead generation, social media marketing and many other things, after that you can earn money by doing affiliate products of this company, that is, you have learned plus you have also got money after doing affiliate marketing

And the very good thing is that in this company you get 90% commission on affiliate.

Website Link :- https://leadsark.com/

5 things to keep in mind before starting out as an affiliate marketer.

  • Your affiliate partners should be diverse.
  • Control your interaction with your audience.
  • Become affiliates for things that the audience recommends.
  • Make affiliate links available.
  • Make an affiliate page on Instagram.


Which niche is the best for affiliate marketing in 2023?

There are several niches you can choose from, including
1. Gaming
2. Lifestyle
3. Travel
4. Sports
5. Health & Fitness and more….

Where can I promote my affiliate links?

Your affiliate links may be promoted through blog posts, social media, emails, webinars, podcasts, advertisements, online events, and guest blogging.

What is the highest-paying affiliate website?

Some of the highest-paying affiliate websites are Amazon, Leadsark, Bizgurukul,Flipkart,ClickBank.

 Is affiliate marketing a sustainable source of income?

Yes, the affiliate link is a good source of income, and in order to achieve sales, it is necessary to follow a good marketing method for your affiliate links.


5 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs I Told You From Which You Can Choose Any One And Start Your Journey As Affiliate Marketer. I Can Guarantee You If You Work Well You Will Definitely you can earn additional income.  These 5 Best affiliate websites promise you that no matter what background you belong to, you will be able to earn money from here.

If you have any question related to this article then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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