How to Earn Money From Instagram in 2023

Want to know how to Earn money from Instagram ?

Then Let me know first how much hours in a day you see the Instagram reels by scrolling up and down Definitely, a lot! according to a survey of 2022 we came to know that 82% of Instagram users spend approx. 5 to 6 hours in a day on Instagram reels only.

So, how about if I tell you a best trick that by going to the backend part of that same reels you will be able to earn money and live a good lifestyle?

Yes, you heard right ! It is possible You can be one of the Instagram creators and earn money from Instagram.

So without wasting time let’s understand how to earn money from Instagram

What are Instagram Reels to Understand How To Earn Money From Instagram

Instagram reels are video clips of short duration which are posted for 15-30 or 60 seconds. They can educate, inspire and delight the viewers. You can make Instagram reels by using the innovative suite and tools on Instagram as well as develop your company’s or personal brand. Creators and brands from diverse genres, communities and locations can work together to develop and implement fresh Instagram reels.

How to Earn Money From Instagram?

The biggest problem of these influencer and the creators is that how will they earn money’.

These are the best way to how to earn money form Instagram:,

1. Become an affiliate

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting others product from your personal affiliate link and after per sale you will get certain % of commission from that particular product. Finally you are still reading this content on How To Earn Money From Instagram

So, you can promote the product through your Instagram reels by putting the link on your captions or by putting affiliate link on your story too, and even you can promote your own product if you have. And this is the way on 1st position On the list of how to earn money from Instagram and i already written a described blog post about affiliate marketing in our website digitoleads so, if you interested on affiliate filed then you must have to read that article.

2. Brand Collaboration

If you have a strong followers on your Instagram then you can make your Instagram reels to a ATM machine, I mean you can earn money from brand collaboration,

You must have seemed the brand collaboration of big influencers or creator with the company by adding the post on his/her personal profile and you must have to know that the creators are charging minimum 100$ – 500$ for a single post.

So, this is the also way to how to earn money from Instagram and Instagram reels.

3. Sell your Own Product

On the list of how to earn money online from Instagram reels this is the also way to earn money from Instagram. Let’s Suppose you have a small or large businesses and you are a Instagram creator,

Then simply u can promote your own business and product like as affiliate as I already told you.

If you wanna create your Instagram store then you can create your Instagram product page for a particular catalog so the customers can directly purchase your product from Instagram store.

4. Redirect the audience to your websites/YouTube channel

As we already know in the present reels and shorts video are the best way to generate leads/customer for the websites or if you have an YouTube channel then you can drive your traffic/viewers to your YouTube channel to for monetization of the channel.

And you must have to know that you can earn money from YouTube channel through google AdSense

so, this will be how to earn money from Instagram by redirecting your traffic to your websites or YouTube channel for views.

5. Reels play Bonus

If you are good in content making or reels making then i have one very good news for you recently Instagram has given the features of reels play bonus like as YouTube.

if you have a good followers on Instagram and engagement on reels then you can participate for the Instagram reels play bonus monetization once your account be monetized then you can earn money from Instagram from that reels engagement and views.

And this the the best and My Favorite ways on this list of how to earn money from Instagram reels play bonus.

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How to Earn Money From Instagram.

Does Instagram Pays you for the reels?

The answer is Big “YES” When you sign up for the program, you’ll be able to earn money from Instagram according to the amount of plays and engagements your reels get within the first 30 days. While it’s an exciting program, it’s not still not available in all languages as well as in certain countries.

Things to know before becoming Instagram Creator.

  1. Consistency
  2. Be a User Friendly Creator
  3. Content making and marketing Knowledge
  4. Be frequent in front of the camera
  5. Basic Knowledge of Reels/video editing.


Social media is such a thing that can make you a good person as well as a bad person, if you use social media in a good way, it can make you a millionaire, and if you misuse the same social media then can make you a beggar too.

You must have seen that many social media creators are earning lakhs of rupees by making their 15 to 30 second videos, this is what we call the right use of social media.

You get money only by showing the talent you have on social media in the form of videos, so first of all, find out what talent you have that you can show to people and people will like it, and on that Make videos, work hard and one day you will also become a big social media creator and start earning money.


Who & how to Earn Money From Instagram ?

Instagram has not set any criteria limit if you have talent if you can create reels and you are giving good content in your reels and people are liking that reels then you are eligible to how to earn money from Instagram.

Which Types Of reels on Instagram goes viral ?

Informative reels and funny reels are mostly going viral on Instagram but there should be quality in those reels only then they will go viral.

What is quality reels on Instagram?

Look, quality reels is called only that which is your own content, not someone’s copied content and your content should be absolutely unique, that is what we call quality content or quality reels.

From where we can learn making quality reels on Instagram?

If you want to take deep knowledge on video marketing, then you can learn video marketing from any institute, otherwise you will get many free videos on YouTube, you can learn from there too.

Will Instagram really pay us for making reels ?

Yes brother yes absolutely will give but in that you have to give your hard work to make good content I mean to make reels and if you become eligible on Instagram for reels bonus then definitely Instagram will give you money on making reels

If you have any doubts and queries related this how to earn money from Instagram article in your mind then feel free to ask me in the comment box, I will reply you very soon. Thank You!


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